Mehr Als Wohnen is a holistic and democratic housing cooperative in Zurich, Switzerland. It is definitely not your typical housing co-op, they have created an innovative complex that is in harmony with the needs of the natural environment and its diverse residents. Members can meet all of their basic needs within the immediate vicinity. Parks, work spaces, retail spaces, care facilities, electric car-sharing, and community rooms all contribute to this vibrant mini city within the city.

Show Notes

Communications Officer Roseli Ferreira speaks with me about how the co-op was funded from a union of many other co-ops, the importance of consulting with the community throughout its development, their innovative design and facilities, inclusionary and affordable housing, social engagement within the co-op, and more inspiration to design housing that we all desire and deserve.


Mehr Als Wohnen Website (search Mehr Als Wohnen in Google for English translation)

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