Cooperative Journal is a resource to cultivate inspiration and illuminate alternative economic systems around the world. Our intention of showcasing these little known, but important cooperative models is to cause a ripple effect for others to develop.  We also aim to increase their visibility so that more people can support or join. Existing cooperative members can utilize this platform to connect and collaborate with each other. Overall, it will serve as a template for the infinite possibilities that are available to us if we work collectively. 

Exploitation of human rights, communities, and Mother Earth is common in our current economic system. Cooperatives offer solutions to social and economic needs that aren’t being met. We need democratic participation, circulation of wealth within our community, and a shared value system. We are not merely a cog in the wheel, we are the wheel. 


Collectively we have the power to transition from:

•The benefit of a few to the benefit of all

•Working against nature to being in harmony

•Automation to valuing human capacity

•Injustice to equity 

•Scarcity to abundance

•Deception to transparency

•Surviving to thriving


We must learn from our past, awaken in the present, and lead the future with love, trust, and solidarity.

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